1. Hover over the card for a statement to appear.

   2. Hold & drag to move cards:

~ “Most like you” – left-hand side. “Least like you” – right-hand side
~ It doesn’t matter where you place a card in a column (bottom, middle or top); they all have equal weight.
~ Irrelevant card or not sure about the placement? Place it in the grey field at the bottom.
~ You will have cards left over when the grid is filled.

   3. Once the grid is filled, click on the “Get Report” button (bottom right) to receive your personalized feedback.


For over 28 years, Bea Mackay Ph. D has been helping people get to know themselves better so they can make healthier decisions. Developed by Dr. Bea as a part of her doctoral research, this quiz can help you can get a deeper understanding of the factors relating to your feelings and help gain a more objective perspective on your situation.